Composite Crowns

Composite Crowns: Functional and Cosmetic

Does one of your back teeth need to be repaired with a crown, but you don’t want one that’s made out of gold or fused to a metal base that sticks out at the margin? If that’s the case, then composite dental crowns offered at Smile by Design are the best option. Composite materials are matched to the shade of your natural teeth, allowing them to blend in with your smile. At Forever smiles dental clinic, our goal is to help your mouth function as healthily as possible, while also looking great!

What Benefits Do Composite Crowns Offer?

Composite materials used in crowns make them more durable than some other types of cosmetic dental crowns. This makes composite crowns ideal for placement on the back teeth, which do plenty of grinding during normal use. Unlike the gold crowns often used on back teeth, composite crowns will blend in when you’re laughing, smiling, or talking with your friends. They also prevent the silver metal margin that is visible on some types of cosmetic crowns. At Smile by Design, we use only the highest quality of composite crowns, and specially design them to fit right in with your other teeth, so that they feel as if they’re not even there.

Cosmetic Dental Crown Options

Your crown designed by Dr. Itanshu will match the colour of your adjacent teeth, to ensure that your repaired tooth blends in and looks natural when you’re talking or smiling. Depending on the location of the tooth, your treatment needs and personal preferences, Dr. Itanshu provides the option to have your crown made of either porcelain or composite materials. Smile by Design patients love the way their new crowns look, and know that we take the time to design teeth that reflect the quality of care you deserve. If you'd like to learn more about whether dental crowns are the best option for you, feel free to make an appointment for a cosmetic dental consultation at our Mullanpur or ludhiana locations and we can step you through the process.

When Are Composite Crowns Not the Best Option?

Unfortunately, composite crowns are not as natural-looking as porcelain, which means they aren’t ideal for use on the front teeth. Due to the way the material is produced, they can also stain more than crowns made from other materials. This makes composite crowns ideal for use in the back teeth, where the appearance still matters, but small stains or colouration will not mean a significant impact on the aesthetics of your smile.

Repair Your Back Teeth To Preserve Their Function

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is delaying the placement of a crown on a broken or decayed back tooth. Because molars bear very heavy forces during daily use, compromised teeth have the potential to break apart at any moment. By placing a composite crown over your broken molar, you can preserve the tooth for several years and return it to its normal function.

Don’t Put Your Care Off Any Longer

Have you been putting off your crown because you’re worried it will be too expensive or painful? Smile by Design composite crown treatments never have any surprise fees, and we take patient comfort very seriously. We will discuss all fees prior to your appointment, as well as the pain or anxiety relief treatments that we offer. There’s no more room for excuses: save your tooth today, and protect it with a composite crown so that it can function tomorrow!

What is Crown Treatment Like?

Treatment appointments are typically broken up into 2 separate visits. At the first visit, Dr.Itanshu will prepare the tooth by removing any broken or decayed enamel. He then takes an impression of the tooth as well as the rest of your mouth, to ensure that your new crown will fit and bite in proper alignment with the other teeth in your mouth. These models are sent to our off-site dental laboratory where a custom-made Smile by Design crown is produced according to Dr. Itanshu’s specifications. Within about 2 weeks, your permanent crown will be ready for you to try, and if it fits you’ll have it permanently cemented in place. Your visit is short and very comfortable, and as soon as it is completed you will have a brand new, functioning tooth. We won’t ever rush you out of the office, and you can rest assured that crown treatments will give you a reason to smile again.

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