Porcelain Crowns

Cosmetic Porcelain Dental Crowns

Are you looking for the most natural, aesthetically pleasing dental crown available? With a wide variety of materials on the market, it can seem overwhelming when you’re trying to select which material will look the best. Porcelain crowns are the answer, and they are one of the options that we offer at Forever smiles. The natural appearance of the material used in porcelain crowns makes them great for repairing broken or decayed teeth in the front of your mouth.

What Benefits do Porcelain Crowns Offer?

Porcelain crowns are best used on your front teeth, because the material closely resembles your natural tooth enamel. Some materials look fake, bulky, or do not blend in. This is not the case with a porcelain crown. Dr.Itanshu prefers this material for restoring the front teeth, as it helps recreate our patients’ smiles in the most natural way. Porcelain crowns are the most natural-looking crown treatment that modern dentistry has to offer.

Cosmetic Dental Crown Options

Your crown designed by Dr. Itanshu will match the colour of your adjacent teeth, to ensure that your repaired tooth blends in and looks natural when you’re talking or smiling. Depending on the location of the tooth, your treatment needs and personal preferences, Dr.Itanshu provides the option to have your crown made of either porcelain or composite materials. Forever smiles dental clinic patients love the way their new crowns look, and know that we take the time to design teeth that reflect the quality of care you deserve.

If you're unsure of what the best dental crown option is for your case, we recommend you book a consultation at either our mullanpur or ludhiana dental clinics to discuss your case.

When are Porcelain Crowns Not the Best Option?

Basically when the integrity of the foundation of the tooth is too far compromised to support a long term crown.

Repair Your Front Teeth in Just Two Visits

Are your front teeth broken, chipped, decayed, or damaged in some other way? You can have a new porcelain crown placed on one of your teeth within about 2 weeks. At your first appointment, Dr.Itanshu will prepare your tooth and take an impression for the dental laboratory to use as a guide. He’ll put a temporary acrylic crown over your tooth to protect it until the permanent crown is ready. Once our laboratory has delivered your crown (typically within 2 weeks), it can be permanently cemented into place and protect your tooth for years to come, allowing forever smiles patients to get their treatment completed in a very timely manner.

Improve Your Smile and Protect Your Oral Health

If one of your front teeth is keeping you from smiling, eating, or laughing around your friends, then you only deserve to have it corrected in an efficient method that looks as if nothing even happened. Smile by Design provides efficient porcelain crown treatment that no-one will ever know you had done unless you tell them. If your tooth is decayed or severely broken, it should have crown treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise the integrity of the tooth can be compromised, causing it to break down more over time. Once a tooth has broken or decayed past a certain point, it is no longer restorable. Thankfully, forever smiles dental can help prevent this by repairing your tooth in a timely manner, and in a way that looks great.

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